Crepe, ice cream and blueberries

Crepe, ice cream and blueberries


1 egg
2/4 cup milk
80 g flour
15 g butter

300 g vanilla flavored ice cream

150 g fresh or frozen blueberries
3 tablespoons of Emilio Balsamic vinegar of Modena
1 tablespoon of sugar


Start by preparing the crepes. Gently melt the butter in a saucepan and let it cool and in the meantime break the eggs and mix with a whisk and add the milk. Continue to mix until the mixture is smooth.

Add the butter and mix again. Add the flour.

Stir vigorously with the whisk to absorb the flour. The mixture should be smooth and free of lumps. At this point, cover the bowl with cling film and let it rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

After that time has elapsed, mix the dough and then heat a non-stick pan and grease it with a knob of butter. Once hot, pour a ladle of dough and rotate the pan until the mixture is evenly distributed.

After about 1 minute over medium-low heat, the edges will tend to come off, at this point you can turn the crepe. Also cook the other side for about 1 minute. Repeat this operation until the dough is finished, greasing the pan from time to time.

For the blueberry sauce, put the blueberries with a spoonful of sugar and the balsamic vinegar of Modena in a saucepan. Cook over low heat for 15/20 minutes, until the blueberries have melted and the sauce is thick. Blend everything until you get a smooth sauce.

Serve the 4-folded crepe with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and the cranberry and balsamic vinegar sauce. Add with some fresh blueberries.