Panzanella with Sweet White Vinegar Bianca

Panzanella with Sweet White Vinegar Bianca


Mixed Tomatoes
Tropea Red onions
Dried Tuscan bread

Ingredients for dressing:
Bianca Sweet White Vinegar
Pine nuts
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and pepper
Brown sugar


To make “Panzanella à la Carandini”, the first thing you need to do is rinse the peaches under running water, dry them thoroughly, then remove the pit and cut them into wedges.
Now add Extra Virgin Olive oil and cane sugar and caramelize on a skillet. Let it cool completely.
In a pan, toast the pine nuts on low heat, then let them cool down.
Cut the dry bread into cubes and place it in a bowl, add water and let soften for a few minutes.
Pour out excess water, and wring out the remaining water from the bread. Add a couple tablespoons of Bianca Sweet White Vinegar
Cut tomatoes and slice cucumbers and onions, then add the vegetables to the bread mix.
Add salt, pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and stir until well mixed.
Lastly, add capers, pine nuts and basil leaves.
Store in fridge for about 1 hour before serving.


Prepared for Carandini by Alessandro Zaccaro